Work in progress

The geography of women's opportunity: evidence from Indonesia

Do elite universities overpay their faculty? (joint with Shulamit Khan, and Kevin Lang)

Firms account for an important share of earnings inequality in the US. How much do firms (universities) matter in determining pay in US academia? In this paper, we apply the AKM (Abowd, Kramarz, and Margolis 1990) model to matched employer-employee data from US academic institutions. We apply the model to measure the pecuniary rents associated with working as tenure-track faculty at a more prestigious university or college. In addition, by measuring rents in a setting familiar to economists, we shed light on how well the AKM model performs.

Education and skill investment (joint with Costas Cavounidis, Vittoria Dicandia, Kevin Lang, and Raghav Malhotra)

Gender and the urban wage premium

Improving the Link between Vocational Schools and Industry: Evaluation of Teacher Training in Indonesia (joint with Masyhur Hilmy)